Proposed & Recently Adopted Commission Rules

The Commission approved the following rules for publication and comment in the Texas Register.  For the proposed changes: “N” denotes a new rule; “A” denotes amendments to an existing rule; and “R” denotes repeal of an existing rule.  New language in a proposed or amended rule is underlined, while language being removed is shown by a strike-through.  Comments or suggested changes to the rules should be submitted in writing within 30 days of the applicable publication date by mail to the Credit Union Department or by email to Click on the rule link to view new rules and proposed changes adopted by the Credit Union Commission on July 8, 2016.

 Recently Adopted Final Rules

The Commission may adopt or reconsider a proposed rule after the 30-day comment period has expired.  Any comments received are considered and the rule may be adopted as “final” if no substantive changes are made.  Any substantive change require the proposed rule to be re-published for another 30-day comment period. A rule becomes “final” after it is formally adopted by the Commission and published in the Texas Register.  The rule is effective 20 days following filing for publication. The following rules were adopted as final at the most recent Commission meeting.  “N” denotes a new rule; “A” denotes amendments to an existing rule; and “R” denotes repeal of an existing rule. Readopted rules with no changes.

  • 91.7000 and 91.8000 (Readopted)
  • Chapter 151 and Chapter 152 (Readopted)
  • 91.301 (A)
  • 97.200 (Employee Training and Education Assistance Programs) (A)

Updates to the Commission Rules Manual

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