Prohibition Orders

Removal/Prohibition Orders are formal enforcement orders issued by the Department pursuant to Section 122.258 of the Texas Finance Code.  Generally, the Department issues Removal/Prohibition Orders when it finds that a current or former officer, director, manager, or employee of a credit union has violated a law, rule or regulation, or engaged in an unsafe or unsound practice that may cause irreparable harm to the public or Credit Union or its depositors, creditors, or members.  To enhance effective enforcement of these orders, the Department may release information regarding the existence of a final order to the Public. The Department has taken enforcement actions against the individuals listed below. Douglas Ratcliffe, Adam Riordan Walters, Royce Elmer Stockton, and Kenneth Edward Baker.

Cease and Desist Order  d/b/a “Southwest Credit Union” southwest credit union cease and desist order

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