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Our Mission
The mission of the Texas Credit Union Department is to supervise, regulate and examine Texas State-chartered credit unions in order to safeguard the public interest, protect the financial interests of credit union members and promote public confidence in credit unions.
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Our Philosophy
As stewards of the public trust the Department attempts to regulate in a firm, fair, and consistent manner; ensure strategic and efficient use of public resources; provide the highest level of customer service; and recognize the dignity and worth of our staff and the citizens of Texas.
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The Credit Union Department (CUD) is a governmental agency that regulates credit unions chartered by the State of Texas. If you are unable to resolve your complaint with the credit union directly, you may contact CUD, which is responsible for ensuring that the credit union complies with certain state laws.


The Credit Union Department (CUD) is a governmental agency committed to providing open and transparent information about its strategic goals, operational performance and financial status.  You will find a number of required reporting at the link below to understand the Department.


The Credit Union Department (CUD) issues press releases on a host of issues including operational milestones, disaster declarations, new publications or public enforcement actions issues.  These press releases can be found here.

Upcoming Events

  • November 1, 2024, 9:00 am: Commission Meeting
  • December 24, 2024, Agency Closed: Christmas Eve
  • July 4, 2025, Agency Closed: Independence Day

Texas as a National Credit Union Industry Leader

The Credit Union Department is an independent Texas state agency with responsibility for supervising and regulating state-chartered credit unions. The Department is governed by the nine-member Credit Union Commission, comprised of four members from the credit union industry, and five members from the general public with no direct involvement in the management of a financial institution.  The Texas credit union charter was legislatively created in 1913 with the Department made an independent agency in 1969 and reaffirmed in 2021 under the Texas Sunset Act to continue until at least 2033.

 The Department has been accredited, by regulatory peer review, through the National Association of State Credit Union Supervisors (NASCUS) continuously since 1996 with the most recent 5-year reaccreditation affirmed in November 2021.

Credit Unions

Billion total assets supervised

Million members

industry employees


Press Release 09/22/2022NEW 

Texas Credit Union Commission Press Release (New Commissioner)

Press Release 06/16/2022

Ally Wood Credit Union Cease and Desist Order Press Release

A Guide to Consumer Assistance

A Guide to Consumer Assistance

Covid-19 Information

Guidance & Resources for Credit Union Preparedness & Contingency Planning Related to Coronavirus (COVID-19)Pandemic Resources and ConsiderationsCOVID-19 Emergency Declaration

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