The Texas Finance Code empowers the credit union commissioner of Texas to issue Orders to Cease and Desist against credit unions or other external parties; or orders of removal or prohibition against current or former officers, directors, managers, or employees of a credit union from office, employment, or further participation in the affairs of a credit union if the commissioner determines from examination or other credible evidence that the individual has engaged or committed certain acts.

These orders are perpetual unless otherwise stated in the order or unless rescinded by the credit union commissioner.

Text of an individual order may be viewed by selecting the Order Number. Questions regarding the implications of these orders or content thereof should be directed to the Texas Credit Union Department.


Little Lake Lending 07/28/2022 22-030-02
Ally Wood Credit Union 06/16/2022 22-028-02
United Wood Credit Union 07/28/2021 21-033-02
TD Credit Union 03/03/2020 20-025-02
Orange County Teachers Credit Union 09/27/2019 20-001-03
Coast Credit Union 12/09/2019 20-009-02
Southwest Credit Union 03/15/2015 15-019-02


Claudia Wells 10/15/2021 22-006-13-CUD
Susanna Guajardo 02/18/2020 20-013-CUD
Grace Garza. a.k.a. Grace Valencia 02/18/2020 20-012-CUD
James T. Dutchover 09/05/2019 19-058-13
Douglas Ratcliff 02/11/2015 15-016-13
Royce Elmer Stockton 08/29/2013 13-043-13
Kenneth Edward Baker 08/29/2013 13-042-13
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