Sunset Review

The Credit Union Department is subject to the Texas Sunset Act. The Department’s enabling law currently specifies that the agency is abolished on September 1, 2021, unless continued by legislation passed during the next legislative Session. Generally, the Department typically undergoes this Sunset review process once very 12 years.

In the coming months, the Sunset Commission’s staff will work with the Department to evaluate the need for the agency and propose recommendations for change. The Department’s onsite review will take approximately three to six months to complete. As part of this process, the Department was required to submit a Self-Evaluation Report (see link below) that identifies problems, opportunities, and issues the agency feels should be considered in its review.

In the future, members of the public will also have an opportunity to provide information to the Sunset Commission about how well or poorly the Department performs its functions. Individuals and organizations will be able to participate by identifying potential issues for study and by commenting on proposed changes to the agency. The easiest way to follow the Sunset process and begin participating is through the Sunset Commission’s website,

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