Procurement and Contracts


The Department has a responsibility to uphold Texas procurement laws and act in good faith to serve the best interest of the State of Texas.  In order to fulfill this responsibility, the Department follows all laws, rules and policies governing contracts and procurement, as set forth in the State of Texas Procurement and Contract Management Guide.

The Department will follow best value standards for purchasing goods and services recommended in the State of Texas Contract Management Guide

The Department shall document the best value standard used to contract for goods or services through the competitive bid process. 

The Department uses the State of Texas Contract Management Guide risk management plan to assess risks and identify contracts which may be more critical to agency functions. This guide also serves as the official handbook for the agency to follow in the purchasing and contracting process.

The Department uses the federal E-Verify system for state contracts. U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s E-Verify

How Can I Do Business with the Department?  

Persons interested in doing business with the Department, or with the State of Texas may find the following links helpful: 

The Department does not maintain its own bidders list.  Interested vendors may register as a Texas vendor or apply for Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) certification with the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts  


HUB Certification Information  

The Historically Underutilized Business program is a priority to the Department.  The Department actively encourages purchasing from, and contracting with, Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUBs) to provide goods and services to support agency’s operations.  

Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Program


The Credit Union Department is a self-directed, semi-independent state agency that complies with all State of Texas purchasing and contracting laws and rules.  Under Texas Government Code Section 2261.253, the Department is required to post on its website the following information for all contracts entered into on or after September 1, 2015, for the purchase of goods or services from a private vendor: 

  1. The entire contract itself (confidential information will have to be redacted); 
  2. The statutory or other authority under which non-competitively bid contracts are entered into; and 
  3. The request for proposals related to competitively bid contracts. 

The term “contracts” includes insurance contracts and contracts where no competitive bidding is required but does not include renewals of existing contracts entered into prior to September 1, 2015, MOUs, interagency contracts, interlocal agreements and contracts without a cost.

CUD Contract Management Guide and Handbook 

Pursuant to Section 2261.256 of the Texas Government Code (added by SB 20, 84th Session), the Department’s Contract Management Guide and Handbook as well as contract and purchase information with links to applicable documents are provided herein. 

CUD Contract Management Guide and Handbook

FY 2024

Contract Number

Vendor Name



Purchasing Authority

Beckwith Electronic Systems LLC


Building Security and Fire Alarm System Monitoring Service FY 2024

Rule 34 TAC Ch. 20.82



Ground Maintenance FY 2024

34 TAC Code Sec. 20.41



Janitorial Services for FY 2024

Tex .. Human Resources Code Ch. 122

Alliance Work Partners


1 Year Employee Assistance Program FY 2024

Rule 34 TAC Ch. 20.82



Record Storage/Imaging Related Services FY 2024

Tex. Gov't Code Title 7, Chapter 771

Wilkins Group, Inc.


Hosting CUD website services

Tex. Gov't Code Ch.  2157

Verizon Wireless


Wireless Cell Service For FY 2024

Tex. Govt Code Ch. 2157


FY 2023



469-23-004 WorkQuest $542.56 Renewal Pest Management Services Tex Human Resources Code Ch 122
469-22-112 SHI Government, Inc. $2,645.04 3 Year Workspace ONE SaaS License and Support 34 TAC Sec 2157
469-22-118 SHI Government, Inc. $1,200.00 3 Year DigiCert SSL/TLS Certificate  Tex. Govt. Code 2157
469-23-002 Attorney General of Texas $30,000.00 Legal Services FY 2023 Tex. Govt Code 771.001
469-23-003 Verizon Wireless $15,615.60 Wireless Cell Service for FY 2023 Tex. Govt Code 2157
469-23-007 Vintage IT Services $46,971.72 Outsource IT Support Tex. Govt Code 2157
469-23-008 Wilkins Group, Inc. $1,443.60  1 Year Renewal – Host the CUD Website Tex. Gov’t Code 2157
469-23-005 WorkQuest $6,900.00 1 Year Janitorial Service for FY 2023 Tex. Human Resources Code Ch. 122
469-23-006 WorkQuest $4,320.70  1 Year Ground Maintenance for FY 2023 Tex. Human Resources Code Ch. 122
469-23-009 WorkQuest $520.00 1 Year Document Destruction for FY 2023  Tex. Gov’t Code Ch 2155.441
469-23-013 Alliance Work Partners $1,445.00 1 Year Renewal Employee Assistance Program FY 2023 Rule 34 TAC Ch. 20.82
469-23-020 SHI Government, Inc. $1,913.87 1 Year Renewal Vulnerability Management SAAS Tex. Gov’t Code Ch 2157
469-23-021 Central Texas Refuse LLC $1,256.00 1 Year Trash Pickup FY 2023  34 TAC Code Sec. 20.41
469-23-040 SORM $12,264.00 Liability Insurance Gov’t Code Ch. 771


FY 2022



469-22-001 WorkQuest $542.56 1 Year Pest Control Service  TGC 2155
469-22-002 Kudelski Security Inc. $7,056.00 ZixProtect Premium Email Security TGC 2157.068
469-22-004 WorkQuest – Services $4,270.00 Grounds Services 40 TAC 806
469-22-005 Texas State Library & Archives Commission $320.00 Storage / Imaging

2156.181 7 TAC 771.008

469-22-006 Vintage Computer Brokers, Inc. $43.857.60 1 Year Agreement (Server Maintenance) TGC 2157
469-22-008 Cellco Parnership dba Verizon Wireless $13,693.20 1 Year Contract for Cell Phone Service TGC 2157
469-22-009 The Wilkins Group, Inc. $1,443.60 1 Year Website Hosting 34 TAC 20.41
469-22-010 Alliance Work Partners $1,445.00 1 Year Employee Assistance Program Services 34 TAC 20.82
469-22-011 Easter Seals Central Texas, Inc. $6,600.00

1 Year Janitorial Services

Chapter 122 Texas HR Code
469-22-019 Best Horticultural Solutions, Inc. $3,996.56


 34 TAC Code Chapter 2156
469-22-036 SHI Government Solutions, Inc. $1,979.25

Vulnerability Management Service

34 TAC Code Section 2157
469-22-037 CDW Government, Inc. $2,264.76

Replacement UPS Batteries

Tex. Gov’t Code 2157
469-22-055 Software ONE, Inc. $1,192.32

1 Yr 365 Audio Conferencing renewal

34 TAC 2157
469-22-056 SHI Government, Inc. $1,127.40 1 Year VMware vSphere 7 Support Tex. Govt. Code 2157
469-22-067 West Publishing $3,402.00 12 Month Subscription for legal research Tex. Govt. Code 2157
469-22-093 GTS Technology Solutions, Inc. $5,394.37 Virtual Host Server Tex. Govt. Code 2157
469-22-095 GTS Technology Solutions, Inc. $11,946.73 Meraki Switch, Router/Security, WAPs and support Tex. Govt. Code 2157


* Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUBs)  

For more information regarding agency contracts and purchasing, submit inquiries to  

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