The Credit Union Department earned status as an accredited state regulatory agency from the National Association of State Credit Union Supervisors (NASCUS) in 1996.  The accredited status was reaffirmed after an on-site review and evaluation during 2021.   The NASCUS accreditation program is designed to administer and assure the quality standards of states’ credit union examination and supervision. Modeled on the university accreditation concept, the program applies national standards of performance to a state’s credit union regulatory program. To earn NASCUS prestigious accreditation, a state supervisory agency must demonstrate that it meets accreditation standards in the areas of: Administration & Finance, Personnel, Training, Examination, Supervision, and Legislative Powers. The accreditation process includes disciplined self-evaluation, peer review and ongoing monitoring. Accreditation is credible evidence of an agency’s capabilities and provides recognition of the professionalism of the agency’s regulators, supervisors and staff. Accreditation

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