Department Fee / Penalty Matrix For Credit Unions


Fee / Penalty Description

Texas Finance Code Citation

Applicable Administrative Code Sections


If a credit union or other person designated in a final order under this subchapter*,  does not comply with the order, the commissioner, after giving notice, may assess an administrative penalty against the credit union, the designated person, or both, in an amount of not less than $100 per day or more than $10,000 for each day of the violation of the order.

*Subchapter F, Texas Finance Code, Title 3, Subtitle D

TFC 122.260 Administrative Penalty; Injunction

7 TAC 91.210 Foreign Credit Unions

7 TAC 95.110 Enforcement; Penalty; and Appeals


The department may charge a late fee against a credit union for late payment of its operating fee.

7 TAC 97.113 Fees and Charges


If a credit union does not submit a report by the due date, the commissioner shall charge a late fee in an amount set by the commission for each day the report remains unfiled. The Commissioner for good cause shown may waive all or part of the late fee.

TFC 122.101 Call Reports

7 TAC 91.209 Call Reports and Other Information Requests

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